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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Neurosis for the morning commute.

My morning commute was transormed Today by the soundscapes of Neurosis. Since I took the bus it was easy for me to isolate myself with my headphones and let the music take me where it wanted to go. This is probably the first time I've been able to really focus and listen to Neurosis. It was an epic voyage "Through Silver In Blood

Monday, August 24, 2009

The search for my raven tattoo.

Raven images that are close to what I want...

MCP Merchandise Photo Gallery - Photo 2 of 22 by Gris Grimly - MySpace Photos

MCP Merchandise Photo Gallery - Photo 2 of 22 by Gris Grimly - MySpace Photos

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Borris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and Vincent Price. Dream cast for a film? Nope. Actual cast of Roger Corman's The Raven. Very loosely based on the Poe poem. This is a slightly comic take.

Edit: This movie was free on, but has since been removed.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

C17H19NO3 is the name of a music project by John Bergin. I stumbled upon the album because I recognized it from a review in Industrial Nation magazine. Oddly enough the review was probably written by a roomate I lived with a couple years later. I would later spend a considerable amount of time trying to find albums by John, such as Trust Obey: Fear and Bullets which is a sort of musical companion to James Obarrs Crow comic. In turn John is sited in A. A. Anistatio's Crow novel Hellbound. What facinates me about John's music is it's blunt brutality. Terra Damnata is reminisent of a trainride to hell with ghoulish vocals and grinding rythms. Not for everyone. Another favorite track is the Ministry tribute of Revenge that John colaborated on. Just now I looked up John again and have found that he does 3d art and animation. I like the guy more and more. Multi-talented and inspiring, he is.